Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Neurobiology


A post-doctoral position is available in Lyon in the context of the awarded project funded by the French National Research Agency: RHU MARVELOUS 2016 “New MR imAging to pReVent cErebraL and myOcardial reperfUSion injury” – that focuses in the assessment of acute reperfusion therapy of ischemic stroke and myocardial infarction (see the project synopsis below). 

Acute ischemic stroke is amongst the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Reperfusion therapy has become the standard of care in acute stroke patients. During reperfusion, oxygen is restored, which is critical for maintaining neuronal viability but may in turn induce reperfusion injuries. Until now, there is no neuroprotective therapeutic strategy applied at the time of reperfusion. We propose to transpose our work from myocardial infarct to ischemic stroke on mitochondrial targeting. A first clinical trial has shown encouraging results with the use of cyclosporin A (CsA) in acute stroke patients in whom reperfusion was successful. For a large scale translation of these findings and in order to refine the clinical protocols in terms of patients stratification, dose and administration pathway, better understanding of the mechanistic effects of our therapeutic strategies on mitochondrial function and immunomodulation is needed. Our research team is seeking a highly qualified motivated neurobiologist to fill a Post-Doctoral Fellowship position in the area of brain ischemia-reperfusion injury.

Mentoring and Environment: The project will combine in vivo (pre-clinical models including different transgenic mice) and in vitro (primary cortical neurons with or without macrophage co-culture) models of cerebral ischemiareperfusion with proteomic analysis as well as mitochondrial functions and Ca2+ homeostasis experiments.

Materials: in vivo surgery and in-vivo imaging, brain clearing, cell culture, HR chamber, microscopes, FACS, fluorimeter


• PhD or equivalent doctoral degree in neurobiology

• Excellent communication skills

• Willing to work in a rich clinical and multidisciplinary environment

The candidate will benefit from all facilities provided by the Clinical Investigation Center of Louis Pradel Hospital (database, statistical support, technical support for data collection, etc...) and clinical experience of stroke neurologist. He/She will be expected to develop translational studies in available pre-clinical models and develop ad-hoc in vitro experiments.

Application and contact: The position is open immediately. Application file should include: • CV • Letter of intent • Names and addresses of two references.

For more information or to apply for the position (including an up-to-date CV and motivation letter), please contact: Pr Norbert Nighoghossian (, and Pr. Emmanuelle Canet-Soulas ( Administrative contact: LYON INGENIERIE PROJETS L’Atrium - BP 32009 69616 VILLEURBANNE cedex Tel: +33 (0) 4 72 69 76 00 ; Mobile: +33 (0) 6 34 84

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