Congrès à Bordeaux le 27 juin 2017: International conference on translational research in CNS injuries


Injury to the brain and/or the spinal cord results in long-lasting cognitive, sensory and motor deficits in
patients. Traditionally it was believed that these impairments are solely caused by the initial local brain/
spinal cord damage. However, an increasing body of evidence now indicates that in addition to the acute
local changes also distant areas of the central nervous system (remote brain injury) connected to the
primarily injured area are also critically involved in this process. The longterm change is sustained by
chronic neuroinflammation which contributes to neurodegeneration. The present conference is associated
to the annual and kickoff meeting of 2 consortium funded by European community via the Eranet program:
CNSaflame and TRAINS. It will benefit of Dr Obenaus visit from UC Irvine CA. The program will be diffused in
France to attract the colleagues interested by the question in Bordeaux and to facilitate the networking in a
future plan to submit an European consortium grant.


Organizers: Grégory Barrière and Jérôme Badaut

Amphitheater Fabre, Victoire Campus, Bordeaux


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